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The Group was one of the highlights of my experience .”
The Authority and Leadership in Groups Course is the flagship program of Comprehensive Counseling Services, P.C. The course utilizes a unique methodology that is intense and accesses learning not available in traditional programs. Authority and Leadership in Groups is designed to confront defenses which obstruct learning. Participants gain insight about underlying dynamics that govern team performance. Reactions to authority, realistic and unrealistic expectations of leaders, and an infinite number of interpersonal dynamics become available for examination. This course provides an opportunity to study interpersonal issues including the distribution of power, competition, social identities, and reactions often not understood in team work. International relations require understanding and sensitivity to increasingly diverse, complex, and different norms present in work teams.

The methodology is the result of 34 years of research and clinical experience. It balances the creation of an authority vacuum and didactic interventions to achieve maximum learning. The approach is designed for professionals regardless of experience in group dynamics. Extensive training and skill of Comprehensive Counseling Services’ faculty prepare consultants to provide clinical training customized for participants as the course unfolds.
The four-day course includes several components. Readings are provided that detail key theories about group performance. The experiential component includes a Small Group of 10-15 members which focuses on group behavior as it happens. The focus is “here and now.” The course also includes a number of Large Group experiences where all participants gather for a particular task. Large Group experiences include the opportunity to compare and contrast the Small Group experience. The focus is “then and there.” Thematic Group requires members to examine a specific issue that faculty have identified as present in the Small Groups and conference at large. Three common examples include 1. an examination of differences among authority, leadership, and power, 2. reactions to the consult, and 3. social identities. The focus is "then and there." At a select time, the Large Group will view a film to examine the issues emerging in their groups from a different perspective. This strengthens the learning for continued study of their own Small Group experience.
“The experience opened my eyes to many things I would never have believed.”
The Authority and Leadership in Groups Course leverages the unique training, and skill of CCS faculty to help participants recognize meaning of their own behavior that challenges their perceptions about team performance and their own role(s). In addition to new insight about their individual and group identity, membership gains knowledge about many sources of authority, and the complicated reactions to it. They also learn what authentic, visionary leadership requires. Participants leave the course with a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics that govern team performance.
“This is the best course I’ve taken at Wharton.”
The course is created and directed by Dr. Jeffrey Wolper. Dr. Wolper is a licensed psychologist with 34 years of experience. He taught the course at the Wharton School of Business from 1982 through 2014. He is an Associate Professor at The Philadelphia University of the Arts where he teaches the course to Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Fees and costs:The four-day Authority and Leadership in Groups Course is $12,000.00 per section of 10-15 participants. Travel expenses including hotels and transportation are additional. All administrative services are included.
"I felt a real shift today in beginning to understanding myself and the group. ”
  1. Productivity is rooted in a leader’s ability to create collaborative work teams. Research indicates that top CEO’s excel in Emotional Intelligence more than technical expertise.Comprehensive Counseling Services partners with CEO’s around the country to develop senior leadership teams.


    CCS provides successful Coaching and programs in Leadership, Collaboration, and Team Performance. Participants learn more than the knowledge necessary to become superior leaders. They develop visionary ability and acquire the skill to create collaborative work teams.


    Dr. Jeffrey Wolper is a licensed psychologist who has more than 30 years of experience coaching groups and equipping leaders.  Dr. Wolper earned his Ph.D. and MS at the University of Pennsylvania.  He completed his BA in Psychology at La Salle University.


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